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  • Customer Quality comments from Poland

  • Very happy with your quality so far, I can sell the hoist features as an advantage over most of the other floor mount hoists here,  hopefully all will remain good with no quality issues or customer issues.

  • Share with you for the feedback for our product from Cyprus customer below.

  • I would like to thank you your  great products, the excellent packaging and the easy assembling.

    Great products! 

  • Comments from the South Afric

  • We have received and unpacked the container and have so far only installed the alignment and 2 post lift.

    We will only be able to install the 4-post lift in the new year.

    We are so far quite happy with the machines and will come back to you in the new year.

    Best regards

  • The evaluation from Hungary

  • The lifts what we buy from you are working and the customers are satisfied with them.

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