model: A455 (5500KG)
Excellent over expect AMGO A455 provides excellent choices for full-service commercial shops or service centers wishing to expand in versatility and vehicle coverage. At a capacity up to 5500KG, it maximizes the productivity on vehicle inspection & maintenance for a wide variety wheelbases.
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Detailed Product Information

• Lifting capacity: 5500KG, CE certified.

• 24V electrical control operation system.

• High quality hydraulic cylinder design and manufactured at high standard.

• Mechanical self-lock  and air-release safety lock system.

• Dual safety devices  mechanism: both primary safety locks and cable-slack automatic lock system.

• Non-skid diamond platform.

• Adjustable lifting platform: off-side platform can be adjusted the mounting position left or right as

required. The standard distance between two platforms is 1100mm and maximum distance is 1300mm.

• Well arranged oil hoses and cables to avoid being exposed outside.

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